Judith Here:

This week at the library there was a free knitting class. I took my daughter and myself in hopes of gaining a new talent. At first it was like handling two giant chop sticks and trying to make noodles into something that you can wear. To make things more challenging we had bought the wrong type of needles, luckily the teacher had better ones for us to learn on.

At times I think I was knitting my fingers more than the yarn. Luckily the teacher taught everything in stories.  This helped me remember the steps I needed. Of course my daughter got it right away.

I am really glad we are developing this new skill, not only is it fun but I think it will be beneficial to the family. Scott thinks I am making finger covers, pot holders or something that is flat but someday I hope to be able to make this: http://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/a40078/how-to-make-large-knit-blanket/


Scott and Judith Powell are a husband and wife writing team.  Their books include Rebels , Rebellion, Revolution,  The Last Enchantress and going on sale soon The Unexpected Kingdom. Check them out on their blog here: https://scottandjudithpowell.com/

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