The Blessing of Being Unemployed

Judith Here:


This past week I was looking through my Facebook and found this old post about oil pulling and how it can keep you from having cavities.

Find it here:

Normally I would have just passed it by, because oil pulling just sounded gross to me. But without employment I knew I needed to give it a go. I did as the article recommended with coconut oil and I added a little peppermint oil to help the taste.

Now my teeth feel great. If this works the way it says, it could save my family thousands of dollars a year. Scott jumped on board along with the kids.

It seems to me the Lord uses times like this to stretch us and make us better.

Scott and Judith Powell are a husband and wife writing team.  Their books include Rebels , Rebellion, Revolution,  The Last Enchantress and going on sale soon The Unexpected Kingdom. Check them out on their blog here:

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