Judith Here:

About two years ago I was in Sam’s Club looking through all the fruit when a young boy about eight years old ran up. His whole face was open in fear as his eyes scanned the area. He turned to run again in another direction, “Wait,” I cried out, “are you lost?”

“I have to find my mom,” he said turned to run again.

“Stop, let me help you, don’t leave. I’ll help you find her. His panicked eyes searched mine, trying to see if I was trust worthy. My children were with me and I think that brought him some ease.

I kept him next to me as I looked around and found a Sam’s Club employee and asked them to page the boy’s mother. Soon a very angry and distressed woman came up and started yelling at the boy about getting lost.

I’m sure that she was angry because she had been so fearful. After double checking with the boy that this in fact was his mother, I told the woman to not to be mad at him for getting lost. Getting lost happens to everyone and he did the right things so he would be found.

I was telling this story to my children this week and I realized that is the same with the Lord. We all get lost from time to time either because of sin or circumstances beyond our control. The important thing is to know how to be found again.

Scott and Judith Powell are a husband and wife writing team.  Their books include Rebels , Rebellion, Revolution,  The Last Enchantress and going on sale soon The Unexpected Kingdom. Check them out on their blog here: https://scottandjudithpowell.com/

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