Down Time

Judith Here:

This past week I spent feeling pretty sick. Like most people I would feel better and then started to do things probably that I shouldn’t. It was when my husband said that I needed to relax, rest and allow my body to fully heal.

At first I want to not accept my husband’s wise counsel but after resting a little and seeing that the house was not burning down while I rested, I finally allowed myself to recover.

How often do we push too hard thinking if we just endure just a little longer that our problems will go away or disappear? In most cases they do not but often times can be compounded. I have found through Christ and through wisdom that things do not disappear but are able to be endured and learned from.

I also have found out how wonderful it is that my husband is home to cook and help with homeschooling. This is what makes life so rewarding and more important is what draws us closer to God.

Scott and Judith Powell are a husband and wife writing team.  Their books include Rebels , Rebellion, Revolution,  The Last Enchantress and going on sale soon The Unexpected Kingdom. Check them out on their blog here:

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